Saturday, January 02, 2010

Cactus for breakfast


We went shopping yesterday in Guyamas and in the store a man was slicing off the sharp spines from prickly pear cactus, called Nopales, and then chopping the cactus up and putting it into little bags. I decided to try some against Dave's better judgement. He is so suspicious of anything not usually on an papaya-29_small.jpgEnglishman's plate. I sauted some with my scrambled eggs this morning and they taste like a cross between green beans and asparagus, not bad at all. Apparently the Mexicans use them for salads, steam them, grill them and stew them and they grow everywhere. The Mexicans use Nopales to poultice bruises and dress wounds. They also boil and crush the pads, then add the sticky juice to mortar or whitewash to increase adhesiveness. Nopales have been a food source in Mexico for hundreds of years. Recently, they have gained popularity in the United States as well. So on tomorrow's menu we will be having ground beef a la cactus. I will throw in a few hot peppers as well. I like hot and spicy food but some of the peppers here could peel your skin off so I have to be careful with them.

Dave is making a pig of himself with the Mexican baked goods which are very good. He has been buying two and three cakes at a time for his dessert. I have been sticking to my small serving of papaya with plain yogurt. We are both making pigs of ourselves with the avocados though, something I just love. Dave was given a great big bag of oranges which he juiced. I don't like oranges so he has it all for himself. There are oranges and lemons on trees in the neighbourhood around us and our neighbour has a papaya tree which he said would have ripe fruit on it fairly soon. This is a picture of a papaya tree.

We were invited to dinner last night with our neighbour and met his Mexican half of the family. He is an American from Michigan and she is Mexican. He speaks hardly any Spanish and she doesn't speak much English. She has never been to school and doesn't read or write and he is a retired business man who owns several properties here and in the US. An unlikely couple one would think but they seem very happy. He is very involved with the reconstruction of the little village I told you about that was destroyed by the tropical storm in September.

I have not been visiting much since my connection is off and on all the time. I can write this and my emails while offline and then send them winging on their way when I get online. Sometimes they all don't make it until next time, but when the connection is on it is faster than my satellite dish at home. Fireworks still going on tonight even though New Year has been and gone. Hoping everyone has a prosperous and happy new year.


VioletSky said...

Wishing you a great year in 2010, Berni (and Dave).

Good for you for trying that cactus!

Cicero Sings said...

Happy New Year Berni!

We love papaya, especially with a squirt of lime juice on it. Yum. So nice to get fresh, ripe ones ... lucky you.

D has eaten cactus buy not I (I've never had the opportunity).

TechnoBabe said...

Fresh papaya is one of my favorites. In Hawaii we would buy fresh papaya and fresh pineapple at a fruit stand and make smoothies with a blender. Glad you are out of the cold weather and having an adventure in Mexico. Happy New Year.

Leah said...

Hi there,
You sound like you're having an awesome time enjoying the adventures of new food, new culture and meeting new friends.
When we lived in Guatemala one of my favourite foods was fresh papaya with freshly squeezed lime on it. Yummy yummy - I start salivating just thinking about it!
Prospero Ano con amore!

jmb said...

Happy New year to you Berni!

sexsmile said...
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