Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Heads or Tail - Sweet or Sour

Barb started a meme called Heads or Tails and the topic today is Heads Sweet or Tails Sour.

When we go sthumbnail.jpeghopping in the the large grocery store in Guayams they have wonderful desserts and baking on display and in covered containers have samples to try. Since I am not able to eat sweets I take a few crumbs from each just to taste. As tiny as that is that satisfies my sweet urge.

Mind you I get a bit sour when Dave takes his varied selection to the checkout and then demolishes them after supper. Somehow plain yogurt isn't the same.


Skittles said...

Sweets don't tempt me much but eating them in front of me would be such a tease. LOL!

SilverNeurotic said...

I always hate/love when my mom bakes because 9 times out of 10 she's baking something that I just can't resist.

Joy said...

I would be sour too. I love sweets then I want something salty. I go back and forth.

♥ joy

TechnoBabe said...

The same at our house, hubby doesn't have to watch his sugar intake but I do. Nice to see the photos of inside the store.

Liz said...

Doesn't he go in a different room to eat them?!

Last time I visited your blog it had gone quiet; now it seems you've been in Mexico for a time. What a great building project for dave to be involved with.

You haven't quite convinced me yet that cactus is good to eat!