Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reality check

We have decided that although we are enjoying our visit to Mexico we would rather find somewhere in BC to settle than make the trip down here each winter. So to that end I contacted a friend who is a mortgage broker to see how much we are good for. The reality is that we don't get enough pention to be a good risk even though we have an excellent credit rating. The next suggestion was put 35% of our savings down and we still found the monthly payments a bit much. We weren't looking for anything fancy just a lot further south. Dave thought he might like to build a small house on a lot or put a mobile on it but it seems that is not possible without totally overextending ourselves. Not an option.

So we have decided that a mobile home in a park is the answer to getting out of Granisle. We have chosen Merritt, BC to be the focus of our search. Merritt is in the only desert area of Canada, in fact the same Sonoran desert that is surrounding us now here in San Carlos extends to Merritt. Merritt is a lot warmer than Granisle and has significantly shorter winters. I don't think I will have to worry about bears and there are probably a lot fewer flies. What is more there is a choice of churches, a museum, hospital and stuff to do.

When we leave Mexico at the end of April we are going to have a quick visit with sons 2 and 3 in Calgary and then on home. We will then put the place there with a realtor and head down to Merritt to see what we can find. I have already been checking out the MLS listings and it looks qiuite feasible. Fortunately we can afford to buy a place without a mortgage or waiting until the place in Granisle is sold, so we hope we can work it out to be out of Granisle before winter this year even if the place we own there is not sold.

I have been realizing the last year or two that I am lonely and a bit depressed. Dave has his good bachelor buddy Sid close by, Sid is also planning to move, probably close to wherever we go. Dave and Sid go fishing a lot and do odd fix-it jobs together around Granisle so I do spend a lot of time by myself and I have not found another woman to hang out with, plus there is absolutely nothing to do or go in Granisle. Although I am quite comfortable with my own company for long periods it would be nice to have a friend close by and maybe volunteer for something. I think I would like to hold the babies that need holding or help in an animal shelter. So that is the latest thoughts.

Meanwhile here in San Carlos it is incredibly windy, I think we are getting the tail end of the storm that has been beating up Southern California. We went out to some view points today to see the big waves rolling in and I could hardly stand up. In the little village Dave has been working to help build small homes for the Mexicans who lost everything in the tropical storm last September they get very frightened when the weather is like this as they fear it happening again. Otherwise life is much the same as usual except it is warmer. Sid arrived last week so I have two 71 year old deliquents to keep in order same as at home.


TechnoBabe said...

It's kinda lopsided that Dave and Sid can hang out and you are alone so much. Of course you would get depressed being isolated. This is good news that you both agree to the change and it will benefit all of you.

SilverNeurotic said...

I think it's a great idea, I hope you find a nice mobile home (they can be quite nice) close to a good town where you can get around and do things and meet people.

VioletSky said...

Sounds like you have put a lot of thought into this and am glad to hear that you are both on the same wavelength. I could never manage to live in such an isolated spot for long - no matter how beautiful the view. Good Luck.

Clare Mansell said...

It sounds like 2010 is going to be a positive year for you! By the way, I have given you a little project on my blog, click through to find out more! ;-)

Danielle said...

ditto what SilverNeurotic said!!! Ya'll have been very thoroughly and not in the least impulsive so all should work out for the best. I pray that you find the companionship you are is always a difficult thing no matter where we live.