Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just an update

Not into blogging much these days just checking Facebook once in a while. I am also sharing the lapotop with Dave and we have a lot of internet down time so my enthusiasm has left, maybe it will return sometime in the future.

We have two more weeks in Mexico and then the drive home via Calgary to see family. Then comes the big search for a new home. We are putting our place up for sale and moving whether it sells or not. We want to be out before next winter. I am happy that Dave is as excited about the idea as I am. I have not wanted to push as he loves the fishing where we are but he is ready to move too and realizes that living in the bush as we get older may not be such a good idea.

We will look for a small piece of land first which we could have a mobile moved onto but in reality we probably will move to a mobile home park hopefully in Merritt, BC. That is about as far south as we can afford and it is part of the Sonoran desert which I can see looking out of my window here in Mexico, it is the very northern tip and winters are shorter, although they can be cold, and summers warm and longer than our miserly summer. So I am really looking forward to the new adventure. I will be so relieved not to worry about the bears in the backyard or the black flies either. Not that there won't be bugs but not to the extent we have them and bears won't be too often around. There shouldn't be anymore bear break-ins, at least I don't think so.

When we first moved to the bush the idea of wildlife all around was interesting but when they try and move in or choose to accompany one on a walk it is a bit unnerving. How would you feel about a moose giving birth just outside the living room window with a grizzly in hot pursuit to kill the new calf, or the wolf pack that runs across the back of the property. Chicken that I am I have become nervous to put my head out of doors, but it is the black flies that scare me the most as they flock around the door waitng for me and any amout of Deet doesn't seem to stop them. Dave says if I come along he doesn't need insect repellant on his skin as I am it. I am just a magnet for bugs.

There is so much more to do there than where we live, and opportunities to meet people and perhaps volunteer for something, plus a good size church. Kamloops is relatively close where there are malls, Hooray!! As some of you know there are no stores where we currently live and it takes a hour and half one way just to get groceries and we can only attend church every other week, less in winter.

Merritt is our first choice but we will check out the whole of the Okanagan area in pursuit of a new home. If I am not blogging that much I am still reading your posts when I get them.


Joy said...

Thanks for the update. Been wondering about you. I haven't blogged much either lately though.
Sounds like you all have made some good decisions while you are down there. I'm excited for you and your move back closer to civilization. I don't think I could have done what you did.

Be safe driving back. I'll look forward to hearing from you soon.
♥ Joy

LindsayDianne said...

We found a trick that works awesome for the mosquitos. Listerine in a spray bottle.
Just spritz it around your outdoor sitting area and they stay away.
I don't know why it works, but it does. :)

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I am a little sad that you want to leave God's country. Say! you aren't the folks that won the lottery from your region.

Save travels home.

Little Island In The Med said...

Berni, I am really curious, what brought you to your current home to start with? Did your husband or you grow up there? It seems such an inhospitable place...