Tuesday, May 04, 2010

We have waterfront property

A couple of days ago someone further up the valley diverted a creek in the hopes of watering his fields but it has caused a small flood across the highway and into the mobile home park. We are surrounded with water, lapping almost up to the front step and around the back, but we are not as bad as some of the places, however except for one home it is not major and steps are being taken to stop the creek water coming our way. 

We are almost unpacked, there remains a few boxes that my back is reluctant to bend over and unpack but on the whole we are settled although we both have moments of forgetfulness as to where we have put something. We have decided the smallest bedroom near the kitchen is going to be our main storage room, so Dave put up some shelves for all my kitchen stuff that is overflowing from the kitchen cabinets and he will put in more for his wine and my canning plus whatever else we can get in there. It can also double up as a bedroom by putting a blow up bed and sleeping bag in there.

The middle sized bedroom has my desk and desktop computer in it (no internet yet) plus bookshelves and also will double up as a bedroom if needed and I have stored all the heavy winter coats and extra blankets and linens in the closet. We found the closet in our bedroom is so huge that we don't have to use the middle bedroom as a dressing room after all.

We moved around the furniture again today in the living room and I think we have found a workable arrangement but we need to get floor lamps. The family room off the kitchen is still a mess but we plan to get a bed chesterfield in there so it can double up as a bedroom as well if necessary. Our kids have indicated they might come visit over Christmas so that is why I have been thinking bedrooms but I don't want to have rooms only used once or twice a year, I want them to have other uses as well. I would prefer to have my computer in the family room rather than tucked away but it might not work out that way as the room lacks a large corner spot for the desk so unless I get another desk I am relegated to my own home office in the bedroom.

The main revamping we plan to do is the bathroom, it needs a new bathtub and a coat of paint. We plan to put laminate floor in the family room instead of carpet, plus open up the entrance from the kitchen into the family room so it is a wide walkway rather than just a doorway. I also suggested putting a door from the mudroom into the kitchen rather than having it open, as it is now, and heating it all the time as it is only the entrance way and will have just boots and shoes and coats in it. I thought it was a waste of heat as it is a fair size room. Dave is going to put closets all round for additional storage.

We have a large purple lilac bush in the garden, a Tamarack tree which I am told is very pretty, a honeysuckle and a bush that apparently is quite unusual, it has green and white leaves, but no one knows what it is called. We also have a large Ponderosa pine and several ornamental cedars around both front and back patios. I plan to get some flower boxes for the patios but it may have to wait until next year and we have been pricing barbecues which we hope to get by June. Dave plans to build a 10 x 10 shed in the back yard for all his tools and garden stuff, the one there now is too small. I also have a round washing line and since it is warm a lot of the time and quite windy I will dry my clothes on it as often as I can.

So we have lots to do and big plans, now we just need the get up and go to do it all. The new owners of our old place in Granisle took over yesterday. I hope they enjoy it, it was a lovely little home and Dave worked hard to make it so, but he enjoys doing that sort of thing so he doesn't mind doing some more renovations and at least he doesn't have to get wood any more and generally there isn't much snow here and it doesn't stay for long.

So that is my news for now. We became members of the library the other day so I can go down there and use the Internet for now rather than coffee shops. They said I could stay all day on the laptop for nothing if I choose but I will be looking into hooking up to the Internet in the not too distant future.



SilverNeurotic said...

I hope all of those projects go smoothly.

jmb said...

This is so exciting for you. I hope you get settled in soon.

Happy Mother's Day to you Berni and thanks for popping by.