Friday, June 25, 2010

Overcoming the thing my own way

Dave is heading back to Granisle for anything from two weeks to a month. He has two apartment buildings to paint in the resort and possibly some other work too which will extend his time. So we are going out for supper tonight. I like a Chinese buffet as I can pick and choose what I can eat leaving out or only having a little sugary thing. On the whole eating out can be a bit difficult for a diet controlled diabetic but I have found most restaurants will oblige me when I chop around with their menus.
While he is away I will have to look after the yard so it won’t be too wild when he returns. The problem being is that we have a gas lawnmower that needs a lot of pull to start it and I don’t have the reach. I have it beat though I tied the start handle down and put two large stones behind the back wheels, that is so I can let go of it and stand further back for a longer pulling reach, and with considerable huffing and puffing, get the thing started but when I take the bag off to dump the grass I have to keep the start handle still tied and leave it running otherwise I can't start it again. Hence I am not saving the environment but the grass is getting cut. He makes it look so easy and he was howling with laughter at my attempts to overcome the darn thing. Next lawnmower will be electric.


Joy said...

I never have much luck with those pull start things either. You should have seen me trying to get the generator started during Hurricane Ike. I would have to stop it and re-fuel it. I'm not good at it either.
♥ Joy

TechnoBabe said...

When I was living by myself, I had an electric mower. Easy peasy. Plug it in. I have been wearing a back brace the past week due to a pulled back muscle so even the idea of trying to pull the cord to start a mower hurts. Is Dave's buddy going with him? Didn't he move to your new area too?