Thursday, June 03, 2010

Want to print a selected text not the whole page?

Quite often I want to print just a portion of text on a webpage and rather than copying the text and pasting it in a Word or text file, I use a simple trick to print selected text from a webpage.

To print selected text on webpages, first select the text you want to print on a webpage and hit "Ctrl + P" to bring up the print dialog.

In the printer dialog, select the radio button (the little circle) next to "Selection" if it is not already selected and hit the print button. That's it, only the selected content will now be printed.

This trick works Firefox, Opera and IE8 but Google Chrome does not appar to support this feature.


TechnoBabe said...

With iMac I drag what I want to print. Highlight and drag into what I want it to be in, I used to have a PC and now for me it is much less complicated. Now that you are all settled in your new place what are you doing with your time? Have you started making jewelry again? Did I already ask you how you make your flax bread? I want to show it to hubby since he is the bread maker in our family. Thanks.

jmb said...

I was just going to say if only this worked with my mac but it doesn't as I don't get the selection button. Now I see technobabe seems to have a solution but I have no idea what she is talking about as I print wirelessly and I have no idea where she means that she drags it to. I print wirelessly from my pc too so I will see if it is different.