Friday, July 02, 2010

Making friends

I have made two new friends to go walking with who live in the same Mobile Home Park. We walked this morning and again this evening. This is really good for me as I can't talk myself out of it. They came and knocked on the door this evening and wouldn't let me make any excuses. One is a Christian and a newly diagnosed diabetic so I can help her and the other is neither.

Also there is a woman across the way who they are going to introduce me to who does beading. It will be nice to get together and check out each others ideas. I have started another bracelet on my loom. I seem to have lost my beading book in the move and I have gone through everything trying to find it so I went to the library to look for books but they didn't have much at all. I remember how to do the loom beading but have forgotten some of the beading stitches for doing off loom projects however there is lots of info on the internet I can get.

I also pulled out some knitting. I had finished the two fronts of a sweater last year and it was cabled in different colors to the body of the sweater so I decided to finish the back which was half done anyway. I found the back and wool but can't find the rest which is really frustrating. Guess I will have to start something else until they turn up. I can't believe they got lost in the move.

So I am keeping myself busy while Dave is away. I talked to him last night and the job is going well so he may not be as long as he thought.

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Jeni said...

After a move like you've just done, it's always nice -and exciting too -when you finally start to meet people and begin to make friends then. Hope this pans out really well for you.
And as to the missing items, it really is amazing the things that seem to go missing when one moves and usually, when they do turn up, you discover they've been hiding in some really unusual places! Hope you locate all the items you've misplaced though.