Saturday, August 07, 2010

He's overjoyed

The previous post I wrote was about my younger sons desire to quit drywalling and get into the games industry as an animator. He has been applying himself this last year, learning on a game (Primal Carnage - the video below this post, due to come out later this year), working for nothing just the experience. It has paid off, he sent his demo reel to several companies. One in Vancouver responded (IronClad Games) and they flew him down from Calgary on Thursday for an interview and offered him a job. I will be going soon to Calgary to help him move. He is over the moon, he has done this in spite of not being able to afford to go to animation school and in his spare time. This is the demo that got him hired Jess's Demo . So now I have two sons in the same industry just different aspects of it. Steve does the artwork and the other makes it move. Maybe down the road they will get together.


TechnoBabe said...

Great demo. I wish him the best in his new job. Good for him to stick to it and not give up.

Jeni said...

That is fantastic news and a great opportunity for your son. Shows what "stick-to-it-iveness" can do, doesn't it?

Skittles said...

I've been checking back every few days since I saw the last post you did and am SO happy all his hard work has paid off!!! Hurray! :)