Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shall I shan't I? and other activities

My domain name has to be renewed in December, if I don't renew it will no longer be but and I will have saved a few dollars. I have not blogged much for a long time. I guess I could see what this winter brings but blogging was a hobby when I had absolutely nothing else to do up north but now my life is a bit fuller I am not that inspired. I still read others blogs and comment occasionally but the blogging fever has left me so I am not sure really if I will drop the blog altogether, but I am somewhat attached to it and the friends I have made since September 2006 when I started it. I probably will let the domain name lapse and revert to blogspot and see if I can be inspired to write anything. I generally like to be informative rather than relate the details of my everyday life although I do do that sometimes. I love to research and would be inspired if somebody asked me something that I could find out details for them. 

For example I was talking to a friend from up north today who shared that the church there has dropped down to 15 people and no pastor and where could she get some help with sermons and so on. So I was able to send her links to audio sermons, text sermons on any topic and helps for house churches. Most of you would know how to find such stuff but my friend barely knows how to send email so she was happy to have the help. Plus she was sent an attachment she didn't know how to download so I had her forward the email to me I downloaded it and copied and pasted into an email and sent it back. 

I have been busy with my computer recently though and have created a web page for a friend who is going into her own consulting business. I am pleased with the outcome Chris Drummond Counselling Services and it appears to be working well on several browsers.

In April the church we are going to now is going to do a course on spritual gifts and since I wrote a manual on that many many years ago, although I don't have it anymore, I offered to put something together. So that will keep me busy. I am also working my way through a book by Graham Cooke called Approaching the Heart of Prophecy which is very in-depth and has assignments which are a challenge. I have been involved in prophetic ministry for almost 30 years but feel that now is another time of growth for me. We have been visiting a friend of ours in Kamloops who has a home group where prophetic people meet to learn and practice and that has been rewarding especially as I have been able to encourage others in what God is saying to them. Christian prophetic ministry is not foretelling the future but to bring encouragement and comfort to the listener.  When we came to this church, a Pentecostal, I told the pastor that I would not prophecy until he knew me for some time and only when he gave the go ahead. A few Sundays ago I wrote down what I felt I had received and showed him just before the service and he said that he would make time for me to share it which I did and later on he got up to preach and it was on the same subject and similar words. The two following weeks that happened also, although a different preacher, so I was blessed in that God has confirmed my credentials with this church.  Sometimes I write down something in my journal and don't know who it is for or when to give it and have to wait until impressed to share it. So I thought I would share one because it ministered to me and there may be someone out there who needs to hear something encouraging today.

Firstly let me tell you how I go about receiving a word, or at least this one, I choose something to think about and ask God to speak through it. In this case I was sitting at my computer with my small stack of vitamins to take with a cup of tea and this is what  came to mind and I wrote it down in my journal, I hope it blesses someone.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that and you think it makes you well, strong and resistant. Maybe in the natural world it does but in the world of the spirit it takes total immersion, total submission and total rest. It is not in the length of your prayers or the amount of time you spend reading your Bible, although good pursuits it is not these that bring you into a deep relationship with me. Resting in my love, knowing that I know all about you, your triumphs and your failings, your good days and your bad. When you feel unlovable I love you more for it is in your unloveliness that I can show you my love. So beloved rest and know that you are safe in my love and nothing can separate you from me. I knew everything you would do on the day I died for you and I loved you then.


Joy said...

God has truly blessed you with this gift. I know you are using it to bring honor and glory to Him.
Thank you for sharing your journal entry. I'm in a study of Romans and Romans 8:38-39 are such amazing verses.
I'd love to be closer in location so we could have long chats over God's word. I hope you continue to blog and share what the Lord is doing in your life and in this new place he has you.

♥ Joy

Crazed Nitwit said...

Amen my friend, amen.

Karen said...

Nice job on the website, Berni...what software did you use?

Cicero Sings said...

I was so gung-ho when I started blogging but gradually, gradually, I've been petering out. Maybe people are moving away from blogs? I don't know. But it is still a way to journal so I try and keep it up and my aunts do seem to like to keep up with my world ... even if I only do a couple of entries a week! Mind you, I'm sort of unmotivated in every department at the moment!!

Danielle said...

I love the website...great work. I also wanted to say if you switch to blogspot let me know...I always love to keep up with you even though I am horrible at commenting. I don't blog much anymore except my Daybook but now that I have quit my favorite game on Facebook I am hoping to channel my energies into writing again.