Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What’s new

Well I am an Avon lady now. I didn’t really intend to become one I just wanted a few products but outside the supermarket a woman had a stall set up and we started chatting and she said that if I wanted she would come over and explain it all to me. In the course of that she told me I could get 40% of the products I wanted just for signing up, who could resist. So I got my brochures a couple of weeks ago and gave them out to five women in the park and yesterday a large box was delivered. Not only did I get 40% of my purchases but they sent me a whole lot of free stuff. Today I dropped off my customers purchases. I don’t intend and don’t expect to get really into it but I do like looking through their brochures and they do sell themselves. I was meant to hand out more brochures but I couldn’t pluck up courage to knock on doors so I put them on the covered porches I could find. No one contacted me from that probably because I didn’t make myself known. I would make a terrible Jehovah’s Witness.

Today I made almond milk for the first time. It was so easy and so much less carbohydrates than regular milk. I was told milk increases mucus and since I have allergies it would be a good idea to substitute. So first I tried soy milk which I don’t mind but I changed from soy milk as I discovered it was giving me hot flashes, something I haven’t had in a very long time. Apparently soy milk is high in estrogens and as little as two cups a day can cause problems. By making my own almond milk I save about $1.50 on a litre of bought stuff and it doesn’t have the cane sugar in it which I would rather be without. I sweetened with stevia. The left over almond meal I used to make oatmeal raisin cookies and almond meal is a good substitute for wheat flour another thing that I eat in limited quantities.
I bought some chickpea flour the other day and am having a go at making socco which is a flat bread which is very popular in the Mediterranean countries.

We have been going to a home group every Thursday evening and our group is going through ‘Christian Life and Witness’ put out by the Billy Graham Association. I thought it would be a bit dull but it is very good.
My family are coming for Christmas although not actually on Christmas day, we will celebrate on the 27th. Hopefully this will be the start of a new tradition. So many good things since we moved.

An update on my youngest son who moved from Calgary to take the animation job in Vancouver. He has been promoted to lead animator so he said his name will be on the box when the game comes out. Lots more responsibility but valuable experience. Not bad after two months and from something that was just a hobby.

Not been blogging much as you know but have renewed my domain address so you probably will hear from me now and then. I still read your blogs but my life now is not revolving around the computer which is so much healthier so only comment once in a while. I am walking with three other women six days a week and we do 6 1/2 kilometres (4 miles) every day so that takes an hour and a quarter of what used to be computer time.

Can’t think of anything else right now. Catch you later


Cicero Sings said...

I've not been blogging much either but more because I have nothing to say!

I'm glad your new home/move has worked out so well. Yes, it is much closer to get to Merrit than to Granisle for Christmas.

You are getting a good walk each day ... further than Mingus and I go if we are on our own!

Oh yes, I don't use soy milk ... only almond milk if on the program. I just made almond milk the last time we were on the program. Easy and one can make exactly as much as one one wants! You do soak your almonds before hand don't you? We used to buy the unsweetened kind but still, they must have preservatives in it and the kind you make yourself is at least free of those.

I'll have to check that bread out that you mentioned. Made Roti, an Indian flatbread, tonight to go with my supper.

Jeni said...

I still do the blog reading most every day via the Reader but my actual blogging is often a bit hit and miss. Then all of a sudden, maybe I'll do a whole string of posts but I know you know what they are about too, don't you? Not that I make up anything in those posts, just that they are a tiny bit different from what I might normally write about.
As to the Avon -put your name, phone number and last date the products in the brochure will be available and hand those booklets out, right and left! As you said, Avon pretty much sells itself. And if you get a new customer here and there, you generally also then have just gained a new friend too. I sold Avon for over 18 years and my first order, I had only 3 customers. By the time I gave it up, I had around 60 regular customers, year-round, and that number often jumped to 80-90 around Christmas time. Just plug away at it and with only a little bit of effort, you can make it grow and do well for yourself then. It's what helped me raise 3 kids for a long, long time! (kept my checking account in the black that way, ya know!)

Joy said...

Ding Dong...Avon Calling. I always remember that commercial. I love to look thru the Avon catalog. They have such a great variety. I wish you much success with your new endeavor.
I'm glad you quit the soy milk. I'm finding out a lot of negative stuff about it also. I drink Almond milk too. It never occurred to me to make it though. You'll have to share the recipe. You may be interested in Dr. Mercola if you haven't already heard of him. He has lots of good advice on his website. He makes a strong case against soy products.
I'm glad you have found a group to walk with. That is such a great way to get to know others.
Congratulations to your son. I know he has worked hard for this. It is great he can do something he truly loves.
♥ Joy
P.S. My post are few and far between too. I've been trying to read more books. Just finished The Help - it was really good.

Crazed Nitwit said...

Wow. Avon, huh? I don't wear any make up thought I probably should as I scare people all the time!!!!

Up with walking! Every day now from 2.5-6 miles depending on if I'm at work or at home.

Hugs and much love.