Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My goodness it is ages since I posted

I checked my blog yesterday and found I hadn't posted since the end of December. I had paid for my domain name for another year but have failed to use it. Life is good and fuller than when I was up north. We had company over Christmas which was lovely and have kept busy since. Dave has gutted the bathroom and now I have everything new from tub to potty. Looks nice and clean, we kept with my favourite tones of old gold and pale yellow which we had up north. We will put a skylight in there in summer. Now he is building a large mirrored cabinet to go in there. Next is new counter tops for the kitchen. The dishwasher was broken so we decided to go back to washing dishes by hand since most of the time it is only the two of us. There will be days I will wish I had a dishwasher but as long as I keep on top of the dirty dishes it is not too bad and Dave does his share when he is not busy.

We put some hyacinths in pots just before Christmas and now four of them have bloomed and we have a lovely spring fragrance throughout the place. We also put in tulips and they have poked up already. They were meant to be put out in spring but they beat us to it.  The weather here is much better than where we last lived, although we have snow and cold days it doesn't last as long and the road is kept well. We are only 8 minutes from town anyway so we go out often instead of only once every two weeks.

We attend church every Sunday now and also a home group on Thursdays. Also I have been visiting an elderly couple once a week. They are  both 86 and I was told they fell in love nine years ago and got married. They both were widowers. They are so cute. I guess it is never to late for love.

I have been asked to contribute in our home group on spiritual gifts for the next few weeks. Unfortunately my printer packed in so will have to think about a new one soon, I want a wireless one so I can keep it in the spare room rather than on my desk and I can have it usable from both desktop and laptop computers.

I signed up for Netflix movies at the end of December. You get one free month and then it is only $7.99 a month after that to view as often as you like. So I have been knitting and viewing. I started with Pride and Prejudice and others I have long wanted to see but we were not anywhere near a video rental place or a movie theatre .Then I found the TV series Heroes and I have been hooked and have been watching each one in turn. It is weird there is no denying but I like weird, and there is quite a bit of violence but it is part of the story. I finished the sweater last night and now have to block it and piece together. It would never have got done but for Netflix, it has been over two years in the making.

So that is all for now. 


Claire said...

So pleased that life is full and happy :)

If you like weird, then you may enjoy 'Fringe', I have really enjoyed that show.

Nice to read an update from you xxx

Cicero Sings said...

Nice to catch up on your world!

Just in from walking Mingus and Kaylee ... Colleen had to take her 95 year old ex-neighbour to the doctor. He is losing it! But the docs don't seem to catch on so I told Colleen to write a note to the doctor to be read before he sees the neighbour fella. Sometimes drs need things spelled out!

Something to be said for renos ... especially seeing as I'm not the one doing mine. I can't wait to see the condo when it is finished. Perhaps I'll keep it afterall!

TTFN ...

Joy said...

It is so good to get an update from you. Know your enjoying the bathroon renovation. Those are always wonderful when they are finished and you can enjoy it.
We recently subscribed to netflix too and we really like it. I rarely got to the movie theatre.
I saw a series that piqued my interest so I have it in my queue called the Vicar of Dibney. Its a BBC production. I'll see when it gets here if its good or not. If not I'll pop that sucker back in the mailbox quick.
♥ Joy

Crazed Nitwit said...

Hyacinths are my very favorite. I bent down to smell some this morning a the store. :o)

Danielle said...

Oh I am so thankful that this move is agreeing with everyone all the way around!!!! I crochet while I watch TV ;)

latt├ęgirl said...

I like weird, too! :)